split up


also, break up


  • end of a relationship, marriage, or partnership.
  • a separation of a couple, family, or group.
  • to break up into pieces.
  • to split something into small, different parts.

Example Sentences

  1. The couple split up after months of conflicts and arguments.
  2. The famous music band declared their split-up after their final show.
  3. The team’s coach chose to split up the players into groups for practice before the match.
  4. Despite their split-up, the couple maintains a positive relationship and remains amicable towards one another.
  5. Creative differences ultimately led to the split-up of the band.


“Split up” is a synonym for the phrase “break up.” It most likely originated as an English colloquialism.

According to one theory, the phrase comes from the concept of splitting things into different parts or pieces. The term “splitting wood” is a closely related example that refers to splitting a large piece of wood into smaller pieces using tools. The notion of splitting something into smaller parts may have then been extended to the idea of breaking up a relationship or group.

The term “split” that was used to refer to someone who had abruptly and quickly left a place or situation can be traced back to the 16th century.

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