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Complete list of idioms for kids including all common slang, idiomatic expressions and phrases which are related to kids or used by kids.

1. a hot potato
Meaning: a hot potato is something that is difficult or dangerous to handle
Example: I tried to learn German language but it’s a hot potato.

2. kill two birds with one stone
Meaning: get double results with one attempt
Example: My Mom is killing two birds with one stone by singing rhymes to teach me and to please my toddler brother.

3. warn someone off
Meaning: strictly alert somebody from a danger or inform to stay away
Example: The teacher warns off every student to be careful while swimming in the pool.

4. piece of cake
Meaning: it is used to say when something is very easy to do
Example: I love to draw the scenery for you, it will be a piece of cake.

5. spin a yarn
Meaning: tell a long and far-fetched story
Example: My friend spins a yarn about his trip for all time.

6. call names
Meaning: to tease or mock one with bad-mannered or unpleasant names
Example: My daughter is sad because the kids at his new school call her names.

7. when pig fly
Meaning: idiomatic expression used to say just impossible
Example: Definitely, Matt is going to be decent and quiet when pigs fly.

8. build castle in air
Meaning: to create ideas that are impractical, unlikely and impossible
Example: You should just stop building castles in the air and take your study seriously.

9. tongue in cheek
Meaning: statement in a mocking or two-faced way with disdain
Example: Finn told me that he has done his homework, but I am sure it was tongue in cheek.

10. queer the pitch
Meaning: spoil somebody’s chance of doing something
Example: He queered my pitch by asking coach to take rest before I did.

11. hive of activity
Meaning: a place full of activity; very busy place
Examples: From the next week our classroom is going to be a hive of activities for the preparation of annual function of art.

12. bug eyed
Meaning: with bulging eyes, as from astonish or amazement; amazed
Example: I was bug eyed looking at her wedding dress and jewelry.

13. stir up a hornet’s nest
Meaning: to create a big trouble
Example: Richard always comes home and stirs up a Hornet’s nest when his school day has not gone well.

14. not hurt a fly
Meaning: not cause harm to anyone, be kind and gentle
Example: My younger sister is a very kind and warm-hearted girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly that’s why I love to spend time with her.

15. class clown
Meaning: a student who tries to make other students laugh
Example: Today I met my school teacher and I am surprised to know that she still remembers me as the class clown.

16. tall story
Meaning: a long story that is hard to believe
Example: Don’t tell me tall stories just show me the homework.

17. mumbo jumbo
Meaning: confusing language or pointless speech
Example: Alicia is just a kid, most of what she says is mumbo jumbo.

18. night owl
Meaning: someone who is active late at night
Example: My exams will be starting from next week and for me it’s the time to be a night owl to study and to score.

19. a slap on the wrist
Meaning: a mild warning or penalty
Example: He punched me and only after warning the teacher let him go. It’s merely a slap on his wrist.

20. as keen as mustard
Meaning: very excited and keen
Example: My little sister is always as keen as mustard to learn new things around her.

21. paddle own canoe
Meaning: to be able to do something without help
Example: Students of kindergarten always need their teachers around they can’t just paddle their own canoe.

22. Bob’s your uncle
Meaning: the idiom used to highlight how simply or quickly something can be done
Example: Bob’s your uncle, just open it and then boil it to make a tasty soup.

23. born with a silver spoon in mouth
Meaning: used to say for someone who born into a wealthy family
Example: Jack was not born with a silver spoon in mouth rather he worked hard to be rich.

24. be up on
Meaning: be well informed about
Example: Cassie you should be up on what you are learning in the class, so concentrate.

25. all ears
Meaning: very excited to hear; paying special attention to hear something
Example: The students were all ears when teacher started telling a horror story.

Idiom of the Day

wind up

Meaning: to be annoyed by someone

Example: My sister really knows how to wind me up. Read on



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