yellow streak

yellow streak


  • people who  have an inclination towards being fainthearted.
  • referring to a cowardly trait in a person’s temperament.
  • a  fault or a weak trait in a person’s disposition.
  • used for people who aren’t courageous.

Example Sentences

  1. Ginna’s got a yellow streak which shows up the moment she is asked to stand up against Nick.
  2. Why don’t you just go and get rid of the yellow streak, huh?
  3. “Hard luck for the people who have a yellow streak because we will show no mercy today soldiers!”
  4. Why don’t you show these people that even a person with a yellow streak  like your’s can trek through this mountain terrain?
  5. “I need to get rid of this yellow streak somehow,” she muttered, wiping the tears in her eyes.
  6. My cousin says that his yellow streak is a plus point for him as it keeps him sane and saves him from getting into any trouble.
  7. They say that Edward has a yellow streak but trust me I have seen nothing but courage in him?


The origin of this Idiom is from the European culture in which color yellow is linked to being cowardly or craven. The idioms yellow-bellied or just yellow are also used for fainthearted people or for people who aren’t brave.

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