catch-22 situation
Meaning: the particular situation in which one cannot win.
Example: I couldn't start my own business, until I have got money, and I couldn't get money until I start my own business, oh my God, this is the real catch-22 situation.

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You can’t go to a good collage unless you pay a lot of money but to get a good job you need collage but to get a lot of money you need a good job.

- Anonymous March 22, 2019

I couldn’t start my preparation until I get the concentration and I couldn’t start my preparation this us the real catch 22 situation.

- Supreetha November 20, 2018

Dear God, I feel like I am in a Catch-22 situation. I want to finish this project I’ve been working on, but that needs brainpower, which I don’t have, then that needs sleep to gain brainpower, but I can’t sleep until I get that project done!

- Gavin November 12, 2018

“I really don’t like posting a comment online.” – simple paradox, isn’t it?

- Tyeng March 7, 2018

If die, if I do not die, I will still die. Is this a catch-22 situation?

- Ananth Prasad January 10, 2018

In big cities, if you don’t have a place to live in, you can’t get a job,you can’t get a place to live in! Thus it’s catch 22 situation.

- Sumaiya October 12, 2017

Love this!!

- Anonymous July 8, 2017

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