a bed of roses


a bed of roses


  • easy option
  • a comfortable or luxurious position
  • an effortless, happy situation
  • a luxurious circumstances
  • a trouble-free living

Example Sentences

  1. Weight loss is a challenging task, not a bed of roses.
  2. Making money is not a bed of roses; you have to wake up early and go to work.
  3. The life of the royal family is a bed of roses.
  4. Before cutting ties with my family, my life was a bed of roses because my Mom did everything for me.
  5. My friend told me that he wants to live in a bed of roses without hard work. Winning the Jackpot made his dream come true.
  6. The corrupt leaders have made their life a bed of roses with the help of black money.
  7. How can you make your life a bed of roses without working very hard?
  8. I never believed miracles, but after meeting Brian Greene, a dull and old but diamond ring that he found in his garden made his life a bed of roses.


“A bed of roses” as an idiom originated in England and is quite an old expression. One of the earliest examples can be found in a poem called “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” written by Christopher Marlowe (also known as Kit Marlowe), published in 1599 after the death of the author.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle

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Life is to face problems we find solutions make it in simplest form we Find shortcuts that suit us ... Spiritual satisfaction is awarded Or God gifted..when you get it you stop efforts that is love .

- Gulnaz January 14, 2022

What about the thorns?

- Samuel D Addington October 30, 2021

Academic excellence is not a bed of roses, you've got to born candles.

- Michael February 14, 2021

I never thought being a Minister of God could be a bed of roses until was ordained

- ABIDAN April 24, 2020

Getting job in one's field is not a bed of rose, you will have to work tooth and nail.

- Frankistine Enayat April 15, 2019

Marriage is a bed of roses. Mainly thorns with beautiful, fragrant flowers on top. Endure the thorns, enjoy the flowers.

- Kenneth January 6, 2019

Living with other people happily make life a bed of roses.

- Dominic November 19, 2018

Life for girls is not a bed of roses either she behaves unscrupulously or morally.

- Jubril Ayomide Musa September 27, 2018

Being left in a journey of love isn't a bed of roses.

- Pomax September 15, 2017

Whenever we take a bold decisions, whether it is comes a bed of roses or not.

- Praveen Kumar Reddy January 20, 2017

Don't run away from your problems, life is not always the bed of roses

- Shobhna November 30, 2015

Good, I love to read about this cute idiom.

- Dhairya March 20, 2016

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