Relationship Idioms

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boy toy

Meaning: a young man who is used primarily by an older and wealthier woman for pleasure or status.

Example: She was often seen with her new boy toy at lavish parties. Read more ➺

hard up

Meaning: in need of money or experiencing financial difficulties.

Example: After losing his job, he found himself hard up and unable to pay the bills. Read more ➺

extend the olive branch

Meaning: to make an offer of peace or settlement.

Example: After the argument, John decided to extend the olive branch and contact his friend to bury the hatchet. Read more ➺

long time no see

Meaning: informal way to greet someone you haven't seen in a long time.

Example: Long time no see! It's been ages. How have you been? Read more ➺

split up

Meaning: end of a relationship, marriage, or partnership.

Example: The couple split up after months of conflicts and arguments. Read more ➺


Meaning: a woman who is being a nag to a man.

Example: Ken was a henpecked husband who would not dare contradict his wife. Read more ➺

as thick as thieves

Meaning: a very secretive and close relationship between people.

Example: They remained as thick as thieves for several weeks. This made us curious to know what they were doing.  Read more ➺

in bed with

Meaning: to work with a person or organisation, or being involved with them, in a way that causes other people to distrust you.

Example: The two young men were in bed with the neighborhood gangs. Read more ➺

bone to pick

Meaning: having a complaint that needs to be discussed.

Example: Jake walked up to Robert and told him that he had a bone to pick with him. Read more ➺

hand in hand

Meaning: close ties or connections

Example: I saw a couple walking hand in hand along the beach.  Read more ➺