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beauty is only skin deep

Meaning: a phrase used to emphasize that a person's character comes before their appearance.

Example: Jacob learned the hard way that a charming smile doesn't guarantee a good heart—beauty is only skin-deep. Read more ➺

rub off

Meaning: refers to the transfer or influence of qualities, behaviors, or characteristics from one person to another.

Example: The instructor patiently explained the technique, ensuring that the knowledge would rub off on the students. Read more ➺

blow off steam

Meaning: get rid of any intense feelings or strong emotions.

Example: After a long week at work, I like to blow off steam by going for a run in the park. Read more ➺

a shot in the dark

Meaning: a guess without much information or certainty.

Example: It's hard to tell the time without a clock, but I'll take a shot in the dark and say it's past midnight. Read more ➺

throw in the towel

Meaning: to give up a struggle

Example: After hours of struggling with the complex math problem, Jane decided to throw in the towel. Read more ➺

fish rots from the head down

Meaning: poor leadership leads to the decline of an organization.

Example: The company was bound to be closed sooner or later, considering the kind of managers that they had hired. A fish rots from the head down, after all. Read more ➺

grit one’s teeth

Meaning: to act bravely and courageously in a challenging situation.

Example: Tom gritted his teeth, overcame his fear of heights, and climbed the ladder. Read more ➺

drop dead

Meaning: used to emphasize how charming something or someone is.

Example: Extremely gorgeous: "She walked into the room looking drop-dead gorgeous." Read more ➺

shot in the arm

Meaning: a sudden and encouraging effect on something.

Example: The speech was an absolute shot in the arm for the crew members aboard the ship. Read more ➺

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