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burn the midnight oil

Meaning: work late into the night, especially on a project or task.

Example: Jenny had to burn the midnight oil to meet the deadline for her presentation. Read more ➺

brand spanking new

Meaning: completely new or unused.

Example: I just bought a brand spanking new car yesterday. Read more ➺

learn the ropes

Meaning: to learn the tricks in order to do something well.

Example: It's important for you to learn the ropes and understand your father's business well before taking it over. Read more ➺

get one’s feet wet

Meaning: to begin taking part in a new activity.

Example: Finally, you've decided to get your feet wet and enrolled in your singing classes. Read more ➺

beyond the veil

Meaning: refers to something hidden or inaccessible, often beyond understanding or perception.

Example: The true intentions of the politician remained beyond the veil of public scrutiny. Read more ➺

cat’s pajamas

Meaning: excellent or outstanding.

Example: Wow, your drawing of a dinosaur is the cat's pajamas. Read more ➺

fall between two stools

Meaning: to come between two alternatives, and so fail to fulfill either of them.

Example: This book cannot be an academic one, nor can it be a popular commercial one; it falls between two stools. Read more ➺

sick as a dog

Meaning: refers to extreme physical illness or discomfort.

Example: After eating that questionable seafood, he spent the entire night vomiting and feeling as sick as a dog. Read more ➺

forty winks

Meaning: a brief nap or short sleep.

Example: The bank manager caught the security guard taking forty winks on duty. Read more ➺

call the shots

Meaning: to be in charge of what is happening and what should happen.

Example: The security forces will call the shots all around during the political gatherings. Read more ➺