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hit the sack
hit the sack or hit the hay Meaning: to go to bed to go to sleep Example: I am really tired after all that exercise. I am going to hit ... Read on


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turn out
turn out Meaning | Synonyms to arrive at an event a surprising discovery to manufacture something to switch the lights from on to off to come to a ... Read on
for a while
for a while(also, awhile) Meaning | Synonyms a short period of time a little for a moment a moment or two a short time for a time some ... Read on
bring up
bring up Meaning | Synonyms in the literal form, it means to take something to a higher place to become ill (vomit) to care for a child until ... Read on
come out
come out Meaning | Synonyms to reveal something (often unintentionally) to bring something (often the truth) into the open to make a formal debut in society to be ... Read on
turn over a new leaf
turn over a new leaf Meaning | Synonyms to alter your behaviour in a positive way to start fresh to change course to start afresh to change track ... Read on
get through
get through Meaning | Synonyms to make it to the end of a particularly arduous or stressful experience to assist someone in dealing with a traumatic event to ... Read on
vim and vigor
vim and vigor Meaning | Synonyms full of energy and enthusiasm high spirit verve vitality liveliness Example Sentences Even though my grandmother is in her 80s, she is ... Read on
buy the farm
buy the farm Meaning | Synonyms to die to pass away depart from the world lose life all of a sudden meet the death to get perish ending ... Read on
a fish out of water
a fish out of water Meaning | Synonyms being uncomfortable and restless falling into the state of confusion to feel awkward due to a specific/strange situation being in ... Read on
bucket list
bucket list Meaning | Synonyms a list of achievements or experiences someone wants to have during their lifetime the things which are in our wish list a list ... Read on

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