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out of pocket

Meaning: paying for something with one's own personal money rather than being reimbursed by someone else.

Example: She had to cover the medical bills out of pocket because her insurance didn't cover them. (Personal expense) Read more ➺

cash cow

Meaning: a consistently profitable business or product that requires minimal effort.

Example: Despite its age, the software continued to be a cash cow, generating immense revenue without any major updates. Read more ➺

break the bank

Meaning: to engage in a purchase or activity that exceeds one's financial limitations or budgetary constraints.

Example: The new smartphone was so expensive it nearly broke the bank, but she couldn't resist buying it. Read more ➺

heart of gold

Meaning: typically refers to someone who is kind, generous, and caring.

Example: Despite facing financial struggles herself, Bella always finds ways to help those in need, truly possessing a heart of gold. Read more ➺

out of this world

Meaning: used to describe something that is exceptionally good, impressive, or remarkable.

Example: The food at that restaurant is out of this world. Read more ➺

grin from ear to ear

Meaning: to have a wide smile extending from one ear to the other, often indicating extreme joy or satisfaction.

Example: When Sophia saw her birthday cake, she grinned from ear to ear. Read more ➺

until the cows come home

Meaning: for a long time or indefinitely.

Example: I'll keep drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk until the cows come home. Read more ➺

chickens come home to roost

Meaning: everyone eventually faces the consequences of their actions.

Example: After years of exploiting others, his wealth vanished overnight, and the chickens came home to roost. Read more ➺

monkey see monkey do

Meaning: blindly copying others' actions without critical thinking.

Example: The kids copied the teacher's moves, like "monkey see, monkey do," during the dance. Read more ➺

all hat and no cattle

Meaning: Someone who talks big but doesn't follow through with action.

Example: Despite his speeches, the politician was all hat and no cattle. Read more ➺