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coin money

Meaning: to accumulate wealth rapidly.

Example: My knowledge of ICT technology could help me coin money. Read on

hook, line, and sinker

Meaning: used to highlight the fact that a person has been utterly deceived or fooled.

Example: used to highlight the fact that a person has been utterly deceived or fooled. Read on

feet of clay

Meaning: have a flaw or weakness most people are unaware of.

Example: Despite his success in business, it was later revealed that the CEO had feet of clay when it came to personal ethics. Read on

ace up one’s sleeve

Meaning: a powerful, secretive weapon that people can use to their benefit.

Example: "I am wondering how Kellen is going to get her dad to take her on a trip, but I am pretty sure she has an ace up her sleeve." Read on

cut both ways

Meaning: affect both sides of an argument or something equally.

Example: The promotion I got means that I will earn more money, but I will also have less time with my family. It cuts both ways. Read on

left out in the cold

Meaning: being neglected.

Example: Orphans are left out in the cold when parents' meetings are held. Read on

crystal clear

Meaning: easy to understand or transparent.

Example: The pictures on the high-definition TV are crystal clear. Read on

comes to the crunch

Meaning: in a critical moment or crucial time, or in a tight corner.

Example: I’m ready to resign due to this if it comes to the crunch. Read on

crowning glory

Meaning: the most notable and best aspect of something.

Example: The palace's crowning glory is the ballroom. Read on

boil the ocean

Meaning: undertaking an impossible chore or task.

Example: Keep it to three to four actionable categories rather than trying to boil the ocean. Read on

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wind up

Meaning: to be annoyed by someone

Example: My sister really knows how to wind me up. Read on



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