The word “crush” has multiple meanings and definitions. It is used differently in each context. To easily understand all the meanings of crush, we’ve divided them into seven different senses and sections.

“Crush” in the sense of love or infatuation.

  • feel love-sick for someone.
  • a strong desire to be with someone.
  • short-term but extreme feelings of love for someone.
  • to have strong feelings of love for someone, mostly one-sided.
  • to have romantic feelings for a person, usually with no results.

Example Sentences

  1. I think Steve has a crush on our new English teacher; he always looks forward to her classes and even goes to ask questions after classes, though he doesn’t need to.
  2. When I was young, I had a big crush on one of the top actresses of our time; I even had posters of her all over my room.
  3. Teenagers usually have a crush on famous personalities—film stars, celebrities, sportspersons—but as they grow older, they outgrow these fantasies.
  4. Elvis Presley was a major star of his time; he was so popular that many young women had a crush on him.
  5. My niece told me that she has a crush on the new boy in her class; she finds him very cute and attractive.
  6. After being spurned twice, Sally said she would never have a crush on anyone again.
  7. My sister thinks she has a crush on someone I know. Who can that be?
  8. Joe is the athletic champion of our school, and many girls have a crush on him.

“Crush” in the sense of breaking or grinding.

  • to break something into tiny pieces.
  • to grind something hard into a powder.

Example Sentences

  1. John crushed the can after using it.
  2. Add a piece of crushed ginger to make a tasty gravy.
  3. The chainsaw badly crushed his hand while he was cutting trees.
  4. I need to crush the black pepper to sprinkle on the dish.
  5. Crush the garlic by striking it multiple times with the stone.

“Crush” in the sense of spoiling and ruining.

  • to shatter or destroy something, such as a feeling, desire, and so on.
  • to ruin or spoil something, like a plan or project.

Example Sentences

  1. Andrew isn’t letting COVID-19 crush his holiday spirit.
  2. A girl’s plans were crushed when she couldn’t meet her dad.
  3. Everything kids do is pure and untainted by society’s standards. No one should crush their happiness.
  4. Her lack of confidence may crush her dreams.

“Crush” in the sense of squeezing or pressing.

  • exert such force on something that it is damaged, broken, or injured.

Example Sentences

  1. Remove the dress from the suitcase to avoid getting it crushed.
  2. She crushed the cup and threw it into the trash.
  3. The box got completely crushed when a heavy block fell on top of it.
  4. Those who want it spicy should crush the pepper at the end of cooking and add it to their portion.
  5. A wall fell and crushed three men in the accident.
  6. The years have rather sadly crushed the silk dress, but hopefully you can imagine it in its original, pristine condition.

“Crush” in the sense of defeating.

  • to absolutely defeat someone or something.
  • to perform very well in a specific task, situation, contest, or challenge.
  • to beat an opposite team or party in a game or competition.

Example Sentences

  1. The England cricket team is strong enough to crush the opposition.
  2. The defense minister called upon the military to help crush the rebellions.
  3. America crushed Russia by 10 to 3 in the last match in Tokyo.
  4. The Austrian ski team is being crushed by the Canadians.
  5. Amazon’s new strategies will crush small, offline businesses.

“Crush” in the sense of demoralization.

  • to irritate, disturb, or shock someone.
  • to be heartbroken.

Example Sentences

  1. Rob was crushed by the news of his wife’s car accident.
  2. Never listen to your haters, and don’t be crushed by them.
  3. She was crushed when she lost her last chance to win the prize.
  4. If you cheat on her again, it will crush her heart.

“Crush” in the sense of the crowd.

  • a swarm of people pressed up against one another.
  • a massive gathering of people

Example Sentences

  1. We have to struggle through the crush to get to the train on time.
  2. I’m not too fond of the crush at the mall on Black Friday sales.
  3. I am pretty sure that anyone can get lost in this crush.
  4. My mum will stay with us, but it’ll be a bit of a crush in our house. (British)

Crush Synonym Words

  1. love; attraction; obsession; passion; infatuation
  2. squash; break; smash
  3. overcome; subdue; overpower conquer
  4. demoralize; depress; discourage; devastate; put down
  5. squeeze; press; enfold
  6. crowd; throng; mob; herd; jam; gathering

Origin of Crush

“Crush on somebody” is a variation on the older phrase “to have a crush on,” which has been around since at least 1995, when the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina described the verb crush as:

“to be totally gaga over a girl or guy. Usage: ‘Have you seen the way Wanda looks at that new guy in algebra class? She is totally crushing on him.'”

Crush was introduced in English around 1398, probably from the Old French verb croissir, which meant to crack or break and make a noise.

The romantic sense of “crush” was first published in the 1884 journal of Isabella Maud Rittenhouse. It mentioned the object of the obsession:

“Wintie is weeping because her crush is gone.”

After a few years, the crush defined the infatuation itself.

“Miss Palfrey … consented to wear his bunch of blue violets. It was a ‘crush,’ you see, on both sides,” John Seymour Wood wrote in Yale yarns in 1895.

A linguist, Eric Partridge, suggested that crush might have been a variation on mash since, by 1870, mashed was a common way of saying flirtatious or head over heels in love, and to crush something was to mash it. To be on the mash, or to make a mash on someone, was to flirt with that person. A masher was a guy who could entice a young lady with a crafty glimpse and a smooth line of conversation.

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This is a question though not a thought if someone told you he has a crush on you and he knows that you know his girlfriend, still he said he loves his girlfriend but he has a crush on you what can you do in this situation

‒ Emmy August 21, 2021

Having crush on someone is the most sweetest feeling in the word but the difficult part is having him close to you without knowing the right word to use. Most especially seeing him on a daily basis.

‒ Princess April 9, 2021

Crushing on someone literally mean to admire his/her life style, temperance as well as principles… I crush on several people whom I regard as my role models and sources of inspiration.. people who have really worked hard and served their communities in truth and justice are worth crushing on…

‒ Aloysius Kayita March 17, 2021

Sometimes its hard to open up to your crush especially when you are very close to him or her.

‒ Ekomobong Etteh March 10, 2021

I had a crush on this girl for 3 years now and never spoke to her so shy and hard to find her on social.

‒ Tristan February 28, 2021

It’s absolutely normal to CRUSH someone-“it’s an exciting feeling.”Even me I have a crush on Catherine, my church-mate and I luckly opened up to her. And I hope one day she feels the same way.

‒ Moses Ndaba February 16, 2021

Yes it’s true in life you must have a crush.

‒ Aliyu Osana February 12, 2021

I think I have a crush on a Tiktok artist and even about to do song for her.

‒ Anonymous December 28, 2020

I think everybody in this world has a crush. I had a crush on a famous guy in our community. He was so famous that every girl in the community was crushing on him.

‒ Ayisha September 6, 2020

I think its true every one in life get crush. I also have crush on my classmate. I tell this to friends. I real like him.
– Anmol Walia

‒ Anmol Walia January 2, 2017

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