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Welcome to the strange and colorful world of idioms. We are here to provide you with the world’s most famous idioms, sayings, slang, and phrases. This is our main objective: to reveal the meaning and origin of an idiom with original details for our valuable visitors and idiom readers.

With multinational writers and linguists, Theidioms.com is an educational website where users can improve and refine their English language skills. We not only describe the idioms and proverbs of English, but users also learn these difficult phrases, which are mostly used by native speakers.

Theidioms.com is a dictionary of idioms and phrases designed to serve as a valuable learning tool as well as a source website for preparing for competitive exams. Theidioms.com has several salient features:

  • The largest dictionary of the most useful idioms and phrases, which are often asked in many types of exams and English-language tests like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Theidioms.com website includes traditional idioms and phrases, idiomatic compounds, similes and comparisons, and select sayings and cliches.
  • All of the idioms and phrases on the idioms website have clear and precise definitions available here.
  • To help you consolidate your learning, every idiom is illustrated with a meaningful sentence, further explaining its usage.

We know that learning English is not a piece of cake, and these are the idioms that make English more complicated to learn. To eliminate the same complexity of idiomatic expressions, we have made this website of common sayings.

We will kindly share your ideas, comments, and suggestions, whether they are related to idioms, website design, usability, errors, or mistakes. We promise the continued development of this website.