home is where the heart is


home is where the heart is

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a place you feel connected to emotionally
  • a place you are happy to arrive back at
  • somewhere you have fond memories of
  • being near your family and loved ones

Example Sentences

  1. No matter where I go, it’s always so lovely to come back here. Home is where the heart is after all.
  2. My parents have a great saying on a tapestry on the wall of their lounge. It says ‘home is where the heart is‘ and it’s very true. 
  3. Home is certainly where the heart is they all agreed as the family sat down together for Christmas dinner.


Similar variations of this saying have been in use since ancient times.  The modern wording that we are familiar with today, first appeared in the J. T. Bickford novel, ‘Scandal’ in 1857. The proverb has been in this present form in the USA since the 1820s.

The phrase means that no matter who you are with or where you are in the world, your family and home always have the deepest affection and emotional pull. It is the place where you have a foundation of love, warmth, and happy memories. It might not always be the building itself, but being near your loved ones.

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The definition is immature.
A child says home is where my loved ones are, and there too my heart
Once childish things are put away,I grow to find the planet my home and I so doing also find love for all of the species and a great mature love inside my heart.

I pray that at 44 my heart is not so small as to confine an abstract number of humans, be it 1,000,000 or am imaginary number.

‒ Aaron Kearns February 20, 2024

I think our earliest home is where our primal attachments were formed, to family and neighborhood, friends, etc. We maintain a sense of this as “home” regardless of what life brings later, IMO.

‒ Ed Eichler July 11, 2023

A home could have been a very traumatic experience. The heart today is usually considered to be the seat of emotions mostly certainly including love but a love that rises beyond emotions. Today like the past 59 years I have shared my heart with my wife. Several times we have moved but wherever we set up there our hearts were. There are many types of love for family, friends, significant others, but the love I now share with my wife is the one we promised ourselves would last forever. For us love is where our hearts are.

‒ John A. Wheeler June 28, 2023

@simon_sidewalk, if you’re indeed homeless then your home is where your heart and so when life presents you with lemons, take them as melons.

‒ one non-sequitor March 24, 2023

I’m homeless and heartless, this idiom offends me. Also, why are you people talking about Hearthstone?

‒ Simon Sidewalk November 12, 2021

I agree with the idiom Home Is Where The Heart Is because it does not matter, where I am, or with Whom I am sharing, my heart always is going to push me to the person that I love the most, because there is my happiness and my everything.

‒ Ian July 14, 2021

To the guy who posted on 8/6/2020, you are not very nice on the wording.

‒ Chenyi Zhu October 30, 2020

I dont think it matters what you people think the idiom is or should be, and definitely not where the origins lie. It’s far too close to “hearth” to simply dismiss the idea of “hearth” as an actual place that was in people’s homes, to some metaphorical idiom. Most sayings weren’t just invented to be nice soundbytes or to stick on a piece of cheap tat and litter your walls with. They have origins in olden days, most likely bastardised to sóme extent. In any case, this article fails by not mentioning “hearth” at áll, or giving any etymology either.

‒ Anonymous August 6, 2020

My understanding is that “heart” is a more modern term for “hearth” –the fireplace where “the home fires” were kept burning. The family gathered around the “home fire / hearth” became synonymous with “heart” in its many shades of meanings.

‒ Kate Steele April 29, 2020

I don’t think so. It means that wherever your heart is (work, with spouse, children, etc.), that that is where your real home is, not just where you are living, or where you grew up.

‒ Fred Lee Curry April 29, 2020

I’m completely agreeing with this thought that home is where the heart is and whenever or wherever I am; the most essential is being attached to my loved ones; my family; kids; parents who I always miss them and they are the most significant ones for me.

‒ Anonymous April 29, 2020

I’m also agreed home is where the heart is, were you can fine a true love, memories and being happy with your love ones.

‒ Muhammad April 29, 2020

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