an item


be an item


  • be involved in a romantic relationship
  • a couple having a romantic relationship
  • two people who are lovers

Example Sentences

  1. John and Sally are frequently seen together nowadays. Are they an item?
  2. Andy and Becky met at a club and almost immediately became an item. Last week they decided to get married. Everything happened in a rush for them.
  3. When Dave and Lisa declared that they were an item, everyone was surprised because they did not seem to have anything in common with each other.
  4. I heard that Emma and Harry have finally become an item, is it true? They would really be very good together.
  5. They have been an item for quite some time now. Do they have any plans to get married soon?
  6. When he realised that Lucy and Alex were an item, it broke his heart. He had been attracted to Lucy very much, but had been too shy to approach her.
  7. Isn’t it obvious that Kate and Mark are an item? They are always together and never seen without one another.
  8. Chris and Clara have been an item for the past one year, and last month, they decided to move in together.


  • become an item
  • are an item
  • been an item
  • being an item


The origin of the phrase is not known till now, we have tried to figure out and asked some experts but sadly, nothing is known yet.

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In the Philippines item translates to “bagay” and “bagay” also means suitable so when they say we are an item also translates as “bagay tayo” which means we are suitable with each other or we suit each other.

‒ Yanimo August 24, 2020

I was watching Cary Grant in Mr. Blandings Build his Dream House (1948) and the daughter says something to the effect of “They used to be an item” meaning in love or dating.. I had thought this was a much more modern phrase, but apparently not.

‒ Judy January 1, 2018

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