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sitting duck
sitting duck Meaning to be an easy target to be in a vulnerable position to be attacked Example Sentences The fact that she had no backup plan in ... Read on
skating on thin ice
skating on thin ice Meaning to do something considered quite dangerous or risky to be in a situation that can get quite dangerous or risky Example Sentences Sebastian ... Read on
silence is golden
silence is golden Meaning it is often better to say nothing at all keeping your mouth shut is a great virtue peace and quiet is to be enjoyed ... Read on
say what
say what Meaning used when asking someone to repeat what they have said an act of surprise (something you say when someone surprises you) a modern slang word ... Read on
slow day
slow day Meaning a day in which not much happens, so it feels like it is taking very long to pass a day in which less than expected ... Read on
speak up
speak up Meaning raise your voice to talk very loudly or distinctly in order to be heard to express your own opinion or defend someone without fear and ... Read on
stay up
stay up Meaning not go to sleep to remain awake late into the night to be awake past the time you were meant to go to sleep or ... Read on
speak too soon
speak too soon Meaning to say something with the belief that it will be right and then it is later found out to be untrue to make an ... Read on
shades of grey
shades of grey Meaning refers to a situation where things are not really clear when things are vague or have very sketchy details a state of uncertainty where ... Read on
shed light
shed light Meaning to explain something in order to make it easier to understand to provide unknown information about something in order for people to have a better ... Read on

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by dint of
by dint of Meaning: as result of something. Example: Mark got what he wanted by dint of requesting and threatening.


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