melting pot


melting pot


  • a place where different types of people and ideas live together, frequently blending to create something new.
  • a country where a variety of cultures, philosophies, etc. live together.
  • a meeting place for different cultures and ideologies.

Example Sentences

  1. The United States has been a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds.
  2. The United Kingdom is a lively melting pot of various international communities.
  3. Canada is a melting pot where cultures from all around the world live in harmony.
  4. Australia has long been a multicultural melting pot; this is due to welcoming immigrants from many countries over the years.
  5. Singapore is a melting pot of traditions and cultures, from its multicultural people to its high-spirited nightlife.


Since the 1700s, Americans have used the term “melting pot” to describe the mixing of different cultures and nationalities. The idea symbolized the unification of all people into a nation. Over time, other nations have used this phrase to describe their cultural richness. The melting pot, a symbol of modernity, has been accused of eroding cultural borders and ignoring minorities. It expresses an American aspiration for oneness.

Today’s America still values the melting pot, despite its changing connotation. It now represents diversity and acceptance of all individuals. Many local and state governments have adopted this immigration policy. These measures will help the US become a multicultural nation. While we still need to learn to appreciate each other’s differences, the melting pot ideal unites people of all backgrounds to form a strong nation.

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