apple of discord

apple of discord


  • something that causes trouble or unhappiness
  • anything that causes discord or jealousy
  • an object or topic that sows anger, dissent
  • a cause of strife, argument or rivalry

Example Sentences

  1. The right to host the next Olympic games has become an apple of discord between the two countries.
  2. The ancestral property became an apple of discord among the three brothers.
  3. The “best employee” award has been an apple of discord among the co-workers for quite some time.
  4. The water sharing pact has been the apple of discord between the two states.
  5. Why aren’t the two of them talking to each other? What is apple of discord there?
  6. The two best friends were attracted to the same person, and that became an apple of discord between them.
  7. That piece of jewelry was a family heirloom, and it was an apple of discord among the sisters. They were always fighting over who gets to wear it.
  8. Sharing credit for their breakthrough work became an apple of discord between the two research students.


The phrase originated from Greek mythology. The “apple of discord” was a golden apple inscribed “for the fairest” thrown by Eris, goddess of discord, into a banquet she was not invited to. The apple was claimed by Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, to whom Paris awarded it, setting off a chain of events that led to the Trojan war.

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AuthorReymond writes on 18th September 2018

Apple of discord conflict between two thing or nation that causes misunderstanding or more on a fight.

AuthorNeha writes on 30th November 2017

It is conflict between two person

AuthorThe Pineapple of Discord writes on 27th November 2017

The apple of discord between Jerry and Gerald was who would get the last malasada in the box.

AuthorPanneerselvan writes on 25th November 2017

Between two persons problem

AuthorDaniel Hoffman writes on 17th June 2017

I personally think that you focus too much on the Apple itself! The Goddess Eris is only pleased when causing CHAOS, and getting to watch it unfold for her amusement. The apple isn’t the “CAUSE”, it’s just an inadamant unknowing apple. The jealousy, between the Goddesses, and the issuing argument, had to piss off the losers! Just the Discord a twisted, bored, (here it comes), uninvited Goddess of Chaos needs to satisfy her jealousy, and need!

AuthorRabia khan writes on 25th August 2016

Apple of discord means (cause of trouble).

AuthorKausar Junaid writes on 17th August 2016

Apple of discord means any thing causing conflict between two parties..

AuthorPramod writes on 1st February 2016

Apple of discord means the root cause (basic reason )of dispute or quarrel.

Authorcristine rufin writes on 1st November 2015

Apple of discord means the cause of dispute,misunderstanding or fight.

Authorvikas writes on 22nd October 2015

Cause of quarrel

Authorvirendra singh writes on 20th October 2015

apple of discord means cause of querrel

AuthorSameeksha Shrivastaava writes on 28th April 2015

Apple of discord means cause of dispute

Authorabhishek writes on 10th January 2015

Can you please give me another example in other sentence…I want to understand more..

AuthorPuja writes on 5th September 2016

Me too

AuthorChu writes on 16th September 2016

The apple of discord between the two people was issue of the knife stuck in the one persons back.

AuthorRaab writes on 14th November 2014

Its means base of quarell means reason of quarel

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