roaring trade


roaring trade
also, roaring business


  • to do business quickly.
  • to be able to sell items fast.
  • “Roaring business (or trade)” refers to a highly successful and thriving enterprise or commercial activity.

Example Sentences

  1. The vegetable vendor was doing a roaring trade in the market today.
  2. I am hoping for a roaring trade after the launch of the website.
  3. She has been doing a roaring trade in the barber shop after she hired women to cut men’s hair.
  4. The prototype is expected to do a roaring trade when it is mass produced and distributed to markets all over the world.
  5. It was a surprise to the investors that the product did not work in the market because honestly, they all expected it to do a roaring trade.
  6. The clothes shop was doing a roaring trade in the new collection that was launched in the store just this week.


The idiom “roaring trade” originated in British English and dates back to the late 19th or early 20th century. It likely derives from the use of the word “roaring” to describe something vigorous, lively, or boisterous, and “trade” to refer to commercial activities or transactions at a grand level and going well. It signifies a great number of items being sold at a quick pace, akin to the Lion’s roar culminating in killing a prey quickly. The majestic feel is similar too. The phrase is almost always used in the present continuous tense.

“Roaring business” is predominantly used in the United States, whereas “roaring trade” is more commonly found in British English. Also, the idiomatic expression “roaring trade” enjoys widespread popularity in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.


  • roaring business (American)

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