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cash cow

Meaning: a consistently profitable business or product that requires minimal effort.

Example: Despite its age, the software continued to be a cash cow, generating immense revenue without any major updates. Read more ➺

dog and pony show

Meaning: an elaborate exhibition or presentation.

Example: The company denied spending on the dog and pony shows. Read more ➺

jack of all trades

Meaning: a person who can easily handle a variety of challenges and tasks.

Example: My grandfather was a jack of all trades. He had never attended college, but he was an accomplished musician, gardener, piano player, and spoke several languages. Read more ➺

at a discount

Meaning: not valuable or worth anything.

Example: Freedom fighters are at a discount in present politics. Read more ➺

boil the ocean

Meaning: undertaking an impossible chore or task.

Example: Keep it to three to four actionable categories rather than trying to boil the ocean. Read more ➺

easy money

Meaning: Rewards, progress or other good results with little or no effort.

Example: The problem is that the working class perpetually has to struggle to get by, whereas the rich continually have access to easy money. Read more ➺

break new ground

Meaning: to do something innovative

Example: Advancements in computer technology break new ground almost every day.  Read more ➺

have no business

Meaning: to do something that you should not be doing

Example: You have no business discussing my personal life with your friends. Read more ➺

mind your own business

Meaning: to look into your own matter

Example: I would like you to mind your own business and stop telling me what to do. Read more ➺

out of business

Meaning: out of operational conditions

Example: If we keep on selling our goods at the same price, we will soon go out of business. Read more ➺