have no business
have no business Meaning | Synonyms to do something that you should not be doing to insert yourself in a situation that has nothing to do with you ... Read on
mind your own business
mind your own business Meaning | Synonyms to look into your own matter keep it to yourself avoid taking interest into someone else's matter refrain from interfering in ... Read on
out of business
out of business Meaning | Synonyms out of operational conditions less in demand something which is not doing business anymore anything related to business, which is not causing ... Read on
keep the wolf from the door
keep the wolf from the door Meaning | Synonyms to have sufficient money to prevent starvation or hunger to do something that lets one to escape death by ... Read on
high roller
high roller Meaning a wealthy person or company who spends their money in a risky way, often by making risky investments that can offer large rewards often someone ... Read on
slow day
slow day Meaning a day in which not much happens, so it feels like it is taking very long to pass a day in which less than expected ... Read on
none of your business
none of your business or, none of my business Meaning used to tell someone not to get involved in whatever you have going on to refer to a ... Read on
roaring trade
roaring trade Meaning to do business quickly to be able to sell items fast Example Sentences The vegetable vendor was doing a roaring trade in the market today. ... Read on
a penny saved is a penny earned
a penny saved is a penny earned also, a penny saved is a penny gained Meaning This phrase advises people to be cautious of their money and have savings. ... Read on
monkey business
monkey business Meaning | Synonyms silly act dishonest tricks to fool around immoral or a deceitful conduct illegal activities Example Sentences I want to sleep. Stop disturbing me ... Read on

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surgical strike
surgical strike Meaning to cause injury or damage to the intended targets it is a military attack that takes place with surgical precision and is extremely target oriented ... Read on


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