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Hakuna Matata

Meaning: no trouble, no worries, or no problem.

Example: Ever since I embraced a hakuna matata mindset, my life has been easier. Read more ➺

lion’s share

Meaning: the biggest part of something

Example: Karen always keeps a lion's share – I won't work with her anymore. Read more ➺

the lion’s den

Meaning: a place which is uncomfortable

Example: Two of the new students were thrown into the lion's den as their ragging was taking place. Read more ➺

roaring trade

Meaning: to do business quickly.

Example: The vegetable vendor was doing a roaring trade in the market today. Read more ➺

throw to the wolves

Meaning: allow somebody else to be criticized or attacked, often in order to protect one.

Example: Don't try to throw my brother to the wolves. I'll tell you the facts about the entire issue. Read more ➺