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riddle me

Meaning: a catchphrase used to introduce a joke, observation, question, or riddle.

Example: Despite acting so confidently, riddle me this: how will we get all that money within a day? Read on

red zone

Meaning: any geographical area that is thought to be dangerous or threatening, usually as a consequence of political or military activity.

Example: The alley behind the schoolyard is effectively a "red zone," since that is where all of the bullies hang out. Read on

red book

red book Meaning any document or publication, which is bound in red and serves as an official collection of rules, regulations, laws, or legal principles. analogically, an authoritative … Read on

roots run deep

Meaning: similar in meaning to "deep-rooted."

Example: His family has long been supported the monarchy; their royalist roots run deep. Read on

rock the boat

Meaning: to make trouble.

Example: If you don't want any trouble with your boss, then stop rocking the boat. Read on

rain check

Meaning: declining an offer that might be taken up later.

Example: He said he would take a rain check on visiting us today. Read on

rob Peter to pay Paul

Meaning: to cause harm to one person in order to do good for another.

Example: I moved money from the college savings account to my main account so the debit would clear, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Read on

ride (on) a wave

Meaning: to enjoy the advantages of something

Example: The person that won the lottery was riding the wave of millions of dollars. Read on

rain or shine

Meaning: Doing something regularly regardless of the circumstances.

Example: My brother is an early riser, but he runs at sunrise, come rain or shine. Read on

run across

Meaning: meet someone by accident

Example: While cleaning my house, I ran across a book I'd lost. Read on

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dig own grave

dig own grave Meaning: do something stupid that will seriously harm oneself, cause one’s own ruin or downfall. Example: If she continues to behave like this to her … Read on


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