Idioms beginning with R

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rule the roost

Meaning: to be in charge or control of a group or activity.

Example: After the merger, it became clear that the new CEO would rule the roost in the restructured company. Read more ➺

rest in power

Meaning: to express extreme respect and honor for a luminary who has passed away,

Example: After his tragic death, many supporters and activists gathered to say, 'Rest in power, our hero.' Read more ➺

ringing off the hook

Meaning: being overwhelmed with inquiries, demands, or requests.

Example: As soon as we announced the sale, our phones began ringing off the hook with orders. Read more ➺

rolling in dough

Meaning: having a large amount of money; being very wealthy.

Example: Ever since he sold his startup, he's been rolling in dough. Read more ➺

rub off

Meaning: refers to the transfer or influence of qualities, behaviors, or characteristics from one person to another.

Example: The instructor patiently explained the technique, ensuring that the knowledge would rub off on the students. Read more ➺

rainbow baby

Meaning: a baby that was born after a previous pregnancy loss.

Example: Finally, Noah was their rainbow baby after several miscarriages. Read more ➺

rank and file

Meaning: the ordinary staff members of an organization, and not the leaders or officers.

Example: The rank-and-file members need to unite and fight against the savage management. Read more ➺

rise to the occasion

Meaning: achieve extraordinary results under pressure.

Example: I know I will rise to the occasion when challenges arise. Read more ➺

go round in circles

Meaning: to waste energy and time engaging in aimless, trivial, or futile activities.

Example: I attempted to draft an outline for my thesis. However, my ideas were so mixed up in a confused way that I kept going around in circles. Read more ➺

red flag

Meaning: a sign of a particular issue requiring attention.

Example: United, American, and Delta airlines suspended all flights to China. This was a red flag as the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the airline industry. Read more ➺