bat an eye

Meaning: to avoid expressing surprise, fear, or shock.

Example: The man didn't bat an eye when the explosions went off around him and bullets zipped past his head. Read on

not believe eyes

Meaning: shock or surprise at something you see or hear

Example: My fiancé is with someone else - I can't believe my eyes. Read on

turn out

Meaning: to arrive at an event

Example: They had fewer people turn out for their party than they anticipated. Read on

good grief

Meaning: occurrence of something shocking

Example: Good grief, is she going to kick her brother in front of the entire school? This is really shocking for me. Read on

the best is yet to come

Meaning: whatever is happening now will be surpassed by something better in the future

Example: I am glad that you are enjoying your holiday,the best is yet to come. Read on

say what

Meaning: used when asking someone to repeat what they have said

Example: They are going out tonight, even though we told them to stay at home. "Say what!" Read on

catch napping

catch napping Meaning: surprise, take unawares. Example: The government was really caught napping the day the protesters planned to jam the highways and roads of the town.

a bolt from the blue

Meaning: a sudden and unexpected event or piece of news (typically annoying)

Example: The sudden uprising in many parts of the country was utterly a bolt from the blue for the ministry. Read on

out of the blue

Meaning: out of nowhere or unexpectedly

Example: Out of the blue, a deer came in front of my car. Read on

take aback

Meaning: surprised or confused by something unexpected

Example: We were all quite taken aback by his decision to retire from upcoming football tournament. Read on

Idiom of the Day

pitch in

Meaning: join in and help with something

Example: On Jane's birthday her friends decided to pitch in and have a surprise party for her. Read on


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