under no illusions


be under no illusions
also, have no illusions

Meaning | Synonyms

  • be completely conscious of the real status of situation
  • to have a true perspective of things
  • be fully aware of the true state of affairs

Example Sentences

  1. I am under no illusion that living in Canada is going to be very easy.
  2. The NASA was under no illusion when they disconnected suddenly with the probe right before the landing on the surface of the Venus, they knew, it’s crashed.
  3. The company is under no illusion about this trial, which is the reason that they have offered such a high out of the court settlement amount.
  4. She is under no illusion about the fact that her parents will be choosing a groom for her. To be honest she is happy about it and likes that they will be selecting a partner for her.
  5. The director was under no illusion about the performance of the company when he finally got to the see the financial data for the quarter end.
  6. I can be under no illusion about how you intend to proceed with the treatment of this tumor.
  7. The mayor was under no illusion about the quality of infrastructure of the city. That is why he has been relentlessly working with other departments to make things better.
  8. My client is under no illusion about this case leading to something big in the future.
  9. The student was under no illusion about how he would score this time.


The phrase is speculated to have risen from either the medical or legal parlance.

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