Idioms beginning with Y

you know better than that

Meaning: used to express disappointment when someone makes a mistake which they probably shouldn't have

Example: She told me that you abused her, you know better than that. Read on

you wish

Meaning: used to make a sardonic comment

Example: I told her that we have been dating for 5 years now and she said "you wish!" Read on

you can’t win them all

Meaning: indicates the reality that it is not possible to always succeed

Example:  To be very frank, I am very disappointed that they did not give me the post of  the manager as I feel I truly deserved it after 5 years of work experience. Oh well, you can't win them all you see. Read on

you’ve made your bed

Meaning: to make a decision and to accept the consequences of those decisions

Example: Don't come back when it is all over and you have nowhere to go. Once you've made your bed , you'll have to lie in it. Read on

yes man

Meaning: a person who only agrees with the crowd or a group of people in order to please them or look good in front of them

Example: You really can't trust what Donald might say in front of the boss. Everyone knows that he is just a yes man and I am not even sure if he has his own views on anything. Read on

your call

Meaning: to leave a decision on  another person

Example: I don't really care where we go right now for dinner. It's your call. Read on

yellow streak

Meaning: people who  have an inclination towards being fainthearted.

Example: Ginna's got a yellow streak which shows up the moment she is asked to stand up against Nick. Read on


Meaning: happening in continuation throughout the whole year

Example: The park provides free food for orphans year-round as a service to the God and humanity. Read on

Young Turk

Meaning: a young person who has many new ideas and wants a reform

Example: Dan Mannix is one of the investment industry's Young Turks but his contact book bulges with seasoned veterans. Read on

year dot

Meaning: A long time back.

Example: I have been living in this house since the year dot and know everyone in the vicinity by their first names. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

love me, love my dog

Meaning: to accept someone unconditionally

Example: My parents share a very straightforward relationship, it is like love me, love my dog. They accept each other exactly the way they are in person. Read on


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