Idioms beginning with Y

you can’t win them all
you can’t win them all Meaning indicates the reality that it is not possible to always succeed failure is inevitable and is bound to happen implies that it ... Read on
you’ve made your bed
you’ve made your bed, now lie in it or you’ve made your bed , you’ll have to lie in it Meaning to make a decision and to accept ... Read on
yes man
yes man Meaning a person who only agrees with the crowd or a group of people in order to please them or look good in front of them ... Read on
your call
your call Meaning to leave a decision on  another person when someone else takes the final call of what has to be done or decides the same when ... Read on
yellow streak
yellow streak Meaning people who  have an inclination towards being fainthearted. referring to a cowardly trait in a person’s temperament. a  fault or a weak trait in a ... Read on
year-round Meaning happening in continuation throughout the whole year taking place as much as possible through the year Example Sentences The park provides free food for orphans year-round ... Read on
young turk
young turk Meaning a young person who has many new ideas and wants a reform a young person eager for rigorous re-order to the established order. a member ... Read on
year dot
year dot Meaning A long time back. It refers to an incident that happened so long ago that it was not possible to keep a track of when ... Read on
you are what you eat
you are what you eat Meaning: if you eat good food you will be healthy, if you eat bad food you will be unhealthy to be hit and ... Read on
your guess is as good as mine
your guess is as good as mine Meaning: do not know the answer to have no idea don’t know any more than the other person Example: If you ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

zip it
zip it Meaning to ask someone to shut up to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner to stop talking Example Sentences The teacher had ... Read on


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