you know better than that


you know better than that


  • used to express disappointment when someone makes a mistake which they probably shouldn’t have
  • used to show disapproval of someone’s actions

Example Sentences

  1. She told me that you abused her, you know better than that.
  2. You know better than that. Just go and do your homework before coming down.
  3. Oh Come on Dean, you know better than that.
  4. Father said, “Well you know better than that. Make sure you do not make the same mistake again. “Son replied arrogantly,”Okay, is that all.”
  5. Ted said, “I think I should go for this night out with them because I am sure it will be a lot of fun. “His mom replied,” I’m sure you know better than that. It is your wish though.”
  6. He childishly argued, “I want to play now, I can study later for tomorrow’s exam.” His father replied, “You know better than that. Do what you feel is correct.”
  7. She told me that you have been skipping school to spend time with her, you know better than that.
  8. Mollie asked, “Did you abuse her for using your laptop yesterday?” He replied,” It was not my fault, she should have asked me. “Mollie scolded him, “You know better than that now go apologize to her.”


The origin of this idiom is closely related to ‘know better’ but is not stated clearly.

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We know better than that sure we do they payed someone off to do a bad thing and tricked someone into making a mistake so we can stop it now and they won't hurt us anymore and no one ever is to blame

- Miss Petra Nicole Cjurkovic and company May 26, 2020

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