you wish


you wish


  • used to make a sardonic comment
  • implies that something will most likely not happen
  • used to state to someone that what they have been expecting is not possible

Example Sentences

  1. I told her that we have been dating for 5 years now and she said “you wish!”
  2. I told Summer, “Oh, I’m definitely getting a new car this summer.” She said, “you wish!”
  3. Alex said, “Do you want to go out with me for a movie tonight?” Rebecca meanly replied, “you wish!”
  4. Ronald said, “I might win a lottery worth 10k today!” Sarah replied,”you wish!”
  5. “You want a 10 pointer in every semester? you wish!”
  6. “You think she’ll ever forgive you for this? you wish!”
  7. “You think I have plans to go to Turkey during Christmas holidays? you wish!”
  8. He said, “Will you help me move this piano?” His brother replied,” Ha! you wish!”
  9. Bobby asked his elder sister, “Will you buy me my favorite candy today?” She said, “you wish!”
  10. He asked, “Will you go out with me for dinner tonight?” She said ,”you wish!”
  11. Dean said, “I might just get a new car today cause it is my birthday”. Suzanne said, “you wish!”
  12. Tina said, “I think Jason will ask me out for prom this year! I feel positive!” Katy snidely commented, “Yeah! you wish! why don’t you wait and see for yourself.”


The idiomatic expression ‘you wish’ does not have a clear origin.


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