Idioms beginning with Y

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you rock

Meaning: explaining how awesome and cool a person is.

Example: You rocked the cast interview today. Read more ➺

you’re on

Meaning: used to accept a challenge or bet

Example: Max: I challenge you to join me in my 100km run this month. Samuel: You're on! Read more ➺

you can’t take it with you

Meaning: everybody leaves their wealth behind after death

Example: The whole world knows that you can't take it with you but they still have so much affiliation to their worldly possessions. Read more ➺

you bet

Meaning: for sure

Example: The manager will pull this deal off. You bet on something else about him because this is definitely happening. Read more ➺

you’ve got to be kidding

Meaning: implies that something that someone said is a joke

Example: Dan said. "I got a job as an associate professor in the university! Wow!" Tina replied. "You've got to be kidding!" Read more ➺

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