your call


your call


  • to leave a decision on  another person
  • when someone else takes the final call of what has to be done or decides the same
  • when someone else regulates what has to be done  or someone else finalises the decision

Example Sentences

  1. I don’t really care where we go right now for dinner. It’s your call.
  2. I suggest that we use the funds to make new parks for under privileged children but it is your call in the end.
  3. He said, “I am not sure about this article yet. I don’t think it is ready to be published.” She replied, “Okay. It’s your call.”
  4. “Well, I have shown you both the sides to it – It’s your call.” Everything has its pros and cons in the end.
  5. It totally depends on you if  accept or refuse his proposal to be Manager. It’s your call.
  6. “Do you want to leave now or rest for some time before that? It’s your call, I don’t mind either way”
  7. Would never go ahead and do such a thing, but it’s your call.
  8. You know it’s your call if you want to watch a movie or go for dinner with me tonight. I’ll be fine with anything as far as we are together.
  9. I don’t know why but I just can’t decide on one thing here because it’s all so messed up. It’s your call. I just can’t think of anything.


Currently we are unable to locate the origin of this idiomatic expression. If you’ve something about it’s origin please share in comments.

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