you can say that again


you can say that again


  • used to agree with another person or group of people
  • used to express accordance with another person’s views

Example Sentences

  1. She said, “This horrible weather has been killing me.” He said, “You can say that again!”
  2. Ryan said, “That was an extremely cute outfit that baby was wearing.” Rachel replied, “You can say that again!”
  3. He said, “I am so glad that you are okay. “Robert replies, “You can say that again!”
  4. Looking at the massive mansion Andrea said, “That is a huge living space.” Crowley agreed, “You can say that again!”
  5. Alex said, “We should have voted better.” Everyone unanimously replied, “You can say that again!”
  6. He said that it  was such a difficult job to be completed in a week and Sam just laughed and replied you can say that again!
  7. I said that I think that it was impossible to finish reading the entire book in a week and he just  agreed and said you can say that again!
  8. He said, “It is impossible to draw that on a fair sheet of paper without practicing it once.” Madonna replied, “You can say that again!”
  9. I told him how stupid his decision of dropping out from the university was. He solemnly replied you could say that again.


This phrase was originated in first half of 1900s but the exact origin details of this idiomatic expression ‘you can say that’ is not known.

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