young blood


young blood


  • new members that provide various new schemes and ideas for the organization
  • a young member, or group of members who are brave and more inclined to taking risks and bringing reform
  • can also be associated with a new person in the group

Example Sentences

  1. The Peace corps is in need of a young blood like Adam.
  2. They keep the young blood of today so occupied with work that they do not even have the time to look out of the window let alone lead a revolution.
  3. Tell that young blood to just zip it or else I will have him fired!
  4. The only reason why he managed to succeed is because he is always open to bringing young blood in his company and accepting ideas.
  5. The only problem with this committee is that they do not feel the need to incorporate the young blood in their decision-making processes.
  6. We need some young blood in this company, if we want to know the expectations of today’s generation and make our marketing strategies accordingly.
  7. The covert operation in Kandahar was handled completely by the young blood of the team.


The idiomatic expression ‘young blood’ is believed to be originated from the  African-American culture.


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