foam at the mouth

foam at the mouth


  • be extremely angry
  • be enraged and show it
  • show uncontrollable anger
  • display furious rage

Example Sentences

  1. She was foaming at the mouth when she heard of her child’s misdeeds.
  2. He was foaming at the mouth when he realized that important papers had been stolen from his office.
  3. The boss was foaming at the mouth when the team could not deliver the work on time.
  4. He was foaming at the mouth when he heard about the cost of repairing the damage.
  5. She was foaming at the mouth when she heard that the decision had gone against her.
  6. He stood at his door, foaming at the mouth, showering expletives at the miscreants who had damaged his lawn.
  7. When he found out about the robbery, he was foaming at the mouth with uncontrollable rage.
  8. The boy was foaming at the mouth, throwing things around and destroying whatever came in his way.

The phrase has a literal origin. Dogs and other animals affected by rabies foam at the mouth while in stupor, which looks like they are in anger. This phenomenon can affect humans also. The earliest usage can be traced to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in 1601.

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