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you are what you eat

Meaning: if you eat good food you will be healthy, if you eat bad food you will be unhealthy

Example: To stay healthy, it's best to keep off junk food. You are what you eat. Read on

your guess is as good as mine

Meaning: I don't know

Example: If you want to know which one is the best of these movies, well, your guess is as good as mine. Read on

yesterday’s man

Meaning: someone especially a politician whose career is finished

Example: The officer is retiring from his job next month, soon he will be a yesterday's man. Read on

your sins will find you out

your sins will find you out Meaning: things you do wrong will become known. Example: He usually cheats his customers by selling duplicate material, and now he lost … Read on

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Idiom of the Day

piece of work

Meaning: a complex, tricky, or odd person

Example: My friend has the weirdest of opinions, he's a real piece of work. Read on


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