turn a deaf ear

turn a deaf ear

- choose not to hear
- refuse to listen
- to ignore what someone says

1. Please do not just turn a deaf ear to their cries for help.
2. This was too cheap when Sarah turned a deaf ear to our insistent.
3. The Bank tended to turn a deaf ear to ATM card lost complaints.
4. When I asked Michael to go with me for help he just turned a deaf ear.
5. How can you turned a deaf ear to the crying victims of accident.

This idiomatic expression dates from the first half of the 1400s and was in most proverb collections from 1546 on.

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Dan O. here
i thot ‘turn a deaf ear’ could also apply to a person avoiding unwanted opinion, when that avoider happened to be deaf in only one ear, thus, turning deaf side toward speaker sends a message:
‘I won’t/can’t hear you!’

- Anonymous March 22, 2020

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