in dire straits or need


in dire straits or need


  • experience difficult financial conditions or circumstances
  • in a very serious, bad circumstance
  • in extreme danger or difficulty
  • causing or involving great fear or suffering

Example Sentences

  1. The earthquake and the drought left the region in dire straits for a long time.
  2. I am totally broke and need help to buy some food for my children. We are in dire straits.
  3. After the death of her father, little girl in dire need.
  4. Last night everything burned in the factory of a successful business man now he is in dire straits.


Latin dīrus worried, ill-fated.

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I have a doubt. Consider the following statement :-
“When his political opponent countered him with by presenting the facts he had nothing to say”

Can this person be said to be in Dire Strait?

Please reply anyone.

‒ Nishant Sambyal October 31, 2020

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