turn back on


turn back on


  • choose not to speak to
  • ignoring near one’s
  • to choose not to do what has been committed
  • to not maintain contact any further
  • to take a U turn and not do what was promised

 Example Sentences

  1. The client has been given a commitment, we cannot turn back on the project now even if it means working for extra hours.
  2. I wanted to turn back on my decision of moving to a new city but the fact that you spoke to me gave me the confidence to go ahead.
  3. He usually turns back on his word, all the decisions taken so far point to this very strongly.
  4. He occupies the highest office in the country, so we are unable to understand how he can turn back on his word so often.
  5. He has turned his back on his family ever since that horrible incident happened.
  6. It is not right to turn your back on your friend when he needs you the most.
  7. How can anyone turn their backs on their mothers is beyond my understanding?
  8. After getting the promotion she has turned her back on the people who trained her when she first got on the job.
  9. Now that she holds an important position, she seems to have turned his back on her close and childhood friends.


The origin of this phrase comes from the physical form of turning the back on someone whereby they lose contact.

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