Idioms beginning with T

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tit for tat

Meaning: used to express when you punish someone in return for something bad done to you.

Example: They had engaged in a tit for tat exchange of petty insults all night. Read more ➺

third degree

Meaning: an interrogation that frequently includes torture in an effort to find the truth or a confession.

Example: The detective put him through the third degree, but he wouldn't break. Read more ➺

take a back seat

Meaning: to take a less significant role or position.

Example: I decided to take a back seat so as to let my boss handle the problem. Read more ➺

turn the clock back

Meaning: to restore something to its former state or condition.

Example: I would if I could turn the clock back and study another course. Read more ➺

three cheers

Meaning: good for

Example: The troops who stood to gain from the official declaration of hospitality gave three cheers. Read more ➺

the corridors of power

Meaning: the office of a powerful leader.

Example: When Jim became a clerk to a Supreme Court justice, he thought he would get his foot inside the corridors of power. Read more ➺

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