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lend a hand

Meaning: to assist or help someone particularly voluntarily.

Example: When my friend was moving to his new house, I offered to lend a hand with preparing, packing, and carrying boxes. Read more ➺

in a pinch

Meaning: being in a situation where the preferred or ideal choice is unavailable.

Example: This diet will do in a pinch. It is better than going hungry. Read more ➺

do one’s bit

Meaning: to do a share of a task.

Example: When people canĀ "do their bit", they are helping supportĀ a larger cause. Read more ➺

spare someone’s blushes

Meaning: to stop someone from feeling awkward or embarrassed.

Example: My teacher spoke up to spare the blushes of the new student. Read more ➺

under the auspices

Meaning: under the protection, sponsorship, or patronage

Example: We restored the home under the auspices of the historical society. Read more ➺

leg up

Meaning: give or receive assistance to achieve a goal

Example: Completing the summer study program gives pupils a leg up in the following academic year. Read more ➺

tide over

Meaning: temporary help (often financial)

Example: When I was at university, my mother always sent me food parcels to tide me over until my next grant cheque came. Read more ➺

beggars can’t be choosers

Meaning: those in need shouldn't expect too much from what they're given.

Example: In this village you are only going to get these many options for furniture. Learn to live it because beggars can't be choosers. Read more ➺

scratch back

Meaning: do someone a favour hoping that a favour will be returned

Example: I don't mind helping him out this time, he's scratched my back many times. Read more ➺

charity begins at home

Meaning: the family comes first, and one should help their family before helping others

Example: She spends the little money that she earns on social work and neglects her own family, forgetting that charity begins at home. Read more ➺