turn aside

Meaning: refuse entry to somewhere

Example: His job application was turned aside when they saw his criminal record. Read on

turn against

Meaning: to change from supporting something to opposing it

Example: A section of his supporters turned against him when they heard his latest speech on immigration. Read on

turn out

Meaning: to arrive at an event

Example: They had fewer people turn out for their party than they anticipated. Read on

turn over a new leaf

Meaning: to alter your behaviour in a positive way

Example: He has not been in trouble this year. He has really turned over a new leaf. Read on

take turns

Meaning: to alternate doing something

Example: I understand that everybody wants to try driving, but you will have to take turns. Read on


Meaning: a thrilling book

Example: The book is a page-turner and now I cannot take a break until I complete reading it. Read on

turning point

Meaning: the point after which things become better

Example: The turning point in the story came when the protagonist lost his sister in a car accident. Read on

turn turtle

Meaning: It refers to something turning upside down.

Example: The automobile turned turtle on the highway when the storm got too strong. Read on

leave no stone unturned

Meaning: do everything that is possible in order to achieve something

Example: The chief of security said that his team would leave no stone unturned in nabbing the miscreants. Read on

turn the tables

Meaning: change your position with respect to someone else

Example: After flying back to town I went to Jenna's place uninformed to surprise her & to my amaze she had already planned a party to welcome me. I should have known she is smart enough to turn the tables. Read on

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fool’s paradise

Meaning: This phrase refers to someone who becomes happy at hopes provided based on false facts.

Example: The money was never going to be deposited by him. He kept promising her and let her stay in that fool’s paradise for way too long. Read on


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