make an ass

make an ass


  • to make a fool of someone
  • to ridicule someone
  • to shame someone
  • behave in a silly way

Example Sentences

  1. The comedian has to make an ass of himself every time he gets on stage. He is truly the modern day joker.
  2. I am not going to go there unprepared and make an ass of myself.
  3. The management made an ass of themselves by announcing a program that even they were not sure about executing.
  4. They always make an ass out of the other children in the class which is why they are usually found playing only with each other.
  5. To make an ass out of something is a very bad thing and I do not want to see you doing it again.


The phrase is clearly from the American origin because in the UK English the work 'ass' is written as 'arse'. It is popular within both types though but only when speaking in an informal tone. The language is considered abusive and hence inappropriate in a formal setting such as professional space, schools, work space, etc. It is only an acceptable way of speaking in a casual setting, usually among friends. The phrase is hence not used in literary works generally.

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