like a hole in the head
like a hole in the head Meaning to have absolutely no need for something emphasizing that getting something unnecessary would only cause more problems the term is mostly ... Read on
a friend in need is a friend indeed
a friend in need is a friend indeed Meaning | Synonyms used for a person who helps at the time of a requirement is a true friend used ... Read on
in dire straits or need
in dire straits or need Meaning: - experience difficult financial conditions or circumstances - in a very serious, bad circumstance - in extreme danger or difficulty - causing ... Read on
as and when
as and when Meaning | Synonyms at the time when (used to refer to an uncertain future event) at the time that something happens at the time when ... Read on

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surgical strike
surgical strike Meaning to cause injury or damage to the intended targets it is a military attack that takes place with surgical precision and is extremely target oriented ... Read on


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