a lot on my plate

a lot on my plate

Synonyms | Variants

  • too much on my plate
  • enough on my plate
  • so much on my plate


  • to have so many things to do at one time
  • being overwhelmed from having so many things to handle at the same time
  • to have a lot of things happening in your life at the same time

Example Sentences

  1. This week will be so hectic as I have a lot on my plate.
  2. Being a mom, a teacher and an athlete means I always have a lot on my plate every time.
  3. Lisa has a lot on her plate and that is why she is always busy.
  4. Undertaking a Masters program ensures that you always have a lot on your plate.
  5. Martin’s job as the head of the hospital makes him have a lot on his plate all the time.
  6. With final exams, IELTS test and entrance exam, He’s got too much on his plate already
  7. “I wonder how do you manage so much on your plate?”
  8. Now I feel relax all the day long, because I don’t have enough on my plate these days.
  9. I had too much on my plate, so I couldn’t talk to my family last week.


This phrase actually originated in the US in the 90s and it is one of the phrases that is carried from the dining room and right into everyday use. Imagine being at dinner with a plate heaped full of too much food than you can eat. Then you are said to have a lot on your plate. This scenario was then used to describe a scenario where you have so much going on than you can handle.

A 1 Thought

1 Thought

Check date of origin, please. 1920’s — this idiom is much older than 1990.

- M October 22, 2021

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