Idioms beginning with M

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monkey see monkey do

Meaning: blindly copying others' actions without critical thinking.

Example: The kids copied the teacher's moves, like "monkey see, monkey do," during the dance. Read more ➺

Memorial Day

Meaning: a holiday in the United States that honors those who lost their lives fighting for the country.

Example: "My family always has a barbecue on Memorial Day to spend time together and remember our loved ones who served in the military." Read more ➺

melting pot

Meaning: a place where different types of people and ideas live together, frequently blending to create something new.

Example: The United States has been a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Read more ➺

man of straw

Meaning: a person who is disregarded as lacking character or morality.

Example: He's just a man of straw, easily manipulated by powerful people. Read more ➺

Medusa Tattoo

Meaning: an apotropaic character proposed to protect against the evil and negative.

Example: Many female ticktockers use the hashtag "Medusa tattoo" to symbolize survival. Read more ➺

make like a tree and leave

Meaning: to tell someone to leave at once.

Example: "Why don't you make like a tree and leave?" "You are starting to get on my nerves," he said to him after the argument in the office. Read more ➺

my way or the highway

Meaning: to order someone to do something in a specific way without providing an alternative.

Example: In my house, it is my way or the highway. He was told by his father after coming back home drunk. Read more ➺

make a beeline for

Meaning: to go straight for something.

Example: The linebacker made a beeline for the quarterback when he saw an opening. Read more ➺

make a clean breast

Meaning: to tell the truth about something.

Example: Sharon made a clean breast of it and threw Ashley under the bus. Read more ➺

make common cause

Meaning: to enter into an agreement or shared effort, especially for expedient purposes and with a party (or parties) otherwise deemed to be enemies.

Example: We have set aside our disagreements and made common cause. Read more ➺