good grief


good grief

Meaning | Synonyms

  • occurrence of something shocking
  • things beyond our imaginations
  • being surprised
  • unexpected situation
  • moment of amazement and frustration
  • expression of astonishment

Example Sentences

  1. Good grief, is she going to kick her brother in front of the entire school? This is really shocking for me.
  2. Good grief, keep up the same work and you will end up losing your new job.
  3. Oh God, good grief we are again stuck in a traffic jam.
  4. Good grief, you are not home on time today, everyone is waiting for you.
  5. Good grief! You are not going to the supermarket like that, are you? Don’t tell me that you are.
  6. Good grief! He spilled wine on my new dress.


The first known appearance of the phrase ‘Good Grief’ was in 1900 in the English Dialect Dictionary. It became well-known in 1950s because of its frequent usage by Charlie Brown who was one of the characters of a comic strip of Charles M. Schulz. In 1958 it was used in Time Magazine as:

“Charlie’s characteristic lament: Good Grief!”

In 2003 this phrase was again used in Time Magazine.

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2 Corinthians 7:10.

‒ Darrin Jenkins March 14, 2021

We are all bound to suffer grief in this broken world. We attempt to deal with it by making our lives a quest for happiness. It never fully satisfies. It’s like a mechanic test-driving a car he’s repaired. Hearing the transmission problem persist he switches the car radio onto his favourite station and turns the volume up high. That’s no fix at all! By entering fully into the grievous sufferings of Easter, Jesus bore our sins. He suffered and died out of love for his people. His was a good grief. He fixed the cause of our brokeness from the inside by paying the penalty for our sins. Although safe in Christ, his people presently still suffer griefs, but God uses them train us and to teach us how to serve as Jesus did. It is good when grief’s power to ruin us is past, instead it trains us to be like the Lord, to please God and help others. Jesus was raised to life on Easter Sunday. For his people heaven awaits. All because of his good grief. Good eh?

‒ Ken January 11, 2021

Grief can be good it is grief offered as a share in what Jesus suffered on the Cross, or sharing with the grief of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

‒ Dr, Jean OOSTENS May 30, 2019

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