get act together


get act together


  • get organized and on schedule
  • organize yourself so that you do things in an effective way
  • become more organized and efficient
  • work in a better way, with clear goals and plans
  • be more serious, efficient, worthwhile
  • start organizing oneself so that one does thing in an effective way

Example Sentences

  1. The official was asked to get his act together if he wanted to keep his post.
  2. With just two months left for his exams, he said he should be getting his act together if he wanted to do well.
  3. He had been playing poorly all season, so the coach warned him that he should get his act together if wanted to keep his place in the team.
  4. His work is getting poorer and is full of mistakes. If he does not get his act together soon, he will risk losing his job.
  5. His new boss has given him one month to get his act together, or he loses his job.
  6. After months of putting it off, he finally got his act together and started working on the project.
  7. You’d better get your act together if you want a raise this year.

The phrase is believed to have originated in the theater or movie industry, where actors who were feeling nervous or making mistakes were told to “get their act together”. It has been used since the second half of 1900s.

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