come of age

come of age


  • become an adult, reach adult status
  • reach maturity
  • to reach successful development
  • reach the age of adulthood when you are legally responsible for your behaviour
  • attainment of prominence, recognition, maturity or respectability
  • if something has come of age, it has reached its full successful development, to reach the age when one is an adult and is legally responsible for his or her behavior.

Example Sentences

  1. After years of experimentation with colors and strokes, his painting has come of age.
  2. Communities across the world have diverse traditions to celebrate the coming of age of their young ones.
  3. When he comes of age, he would get a large inheritance from his grandfather.
  4. Now that you have come of age, you should be more responsible and accountable for your actions.
  5. His early films used to be of low quality, but with this film, he has certainly come of age as a director of high repute.
  6. Now that he has come of age, do you plan to teach him the ropes of the family business?
  7. The country came of age as a financial and industrial hotbed when many of the world’s big companies opened their branches there.
  8. After his first few books received lukewarm response, his writing finally came of age when he published this trilogy which went on to become a bestseller.
  9. When he came of age, he decided to leave his ancestral home and find his calling elsewhere.

The first known use of this phrase was in 1916.

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