a man of action


a man of action


  • a person of energetic activity
  • someone who prefers to act first and think later
  • a man who prefers to do things rather than think about and discuss them
  • a man who is inclined to physical activity or deeds

Example Sentences

  1. The country needs a political leader who is a man of action
  2. The new boss at the company is a man of action. Since he’s taken over, there have been so many changes.
  3. Right now we need a man of action; someone who would jump in start working instead of thinking it out.
  4. He was a man of action and did not have much time for planning and discussions.
  5. We’ve had enough of our brainstorming session. Now we need a man of action who is going to implement our ideas.
  6. The two team members were opposites – one was a man of action while the other believed in meticulous planning.
  7. I trust him to finish the job in time. He is a man of action and does not waste his time.

The origin of this phrase is not known. The words used are very common, and hence it is quite possible that the expression developed in a natural flow of evolution of the language.

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