Idioms beginning with G

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Meaning: describes an investment or asset that is considered to be of the highest quality and very secure, often used in the context of government bonds.

Example: The company's gilt-edged bonds are highly sought after by conservative investors. Read more ➺

green-eyed monster

Meaning: referring to the feeling of jealousy or envy.

Example: After seeing her friend's new car, Maria felt the green-eyed monster creeping up inside her. Read more ➺

gray matter

Meaning: An informal phrase used to describe a person's intelligence or ability to think and reason.

Example: It doesn't take a lot of gray matter to solve this simple puzzle. Read more ➺

go Dutch

Meaning: splitting the bill evenly among participants, each covering their own expenses.

Example: We decided to go Dutch at the restaurant last night, so everyone paid for their own meal. Read more ➺

grin from ear to ear

Meaning: to have a wide smile extending from one ear to the other, often indicating extreme joy or satisfaction.

Example: When Sophia saw her birthday cake, she grinned from ear to ear. Read more ➺

get one’s feet wet

Meaning: to begin taking part in a new activity.

Example: Finally, you've decided to get your feet wet and enrolled in your singing classes. Read more ➺

green around the gills

Meaning: someone who looks sick or nauseated.

Example: The sight of blood always makes her go green around the gills. Read more ➺

grit one’s teeth

Meaning: to act bravely and courageously in a challenging situation.

Example: Tom gritted his teeth, overcame his fear of heights, and climbed the ladder. Read more ➺


Meaning: a new or inexperienced person.

Example: My dad is a greenhorn when it comes to computers. Read more ➺

grist to the mill

Meaning: something that gives a useful advantage.

Example: The recent market research data is grist to the mill for our marketing team, helping them tailor their strategies effectively. Read more ➺