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get through
get through Meaning | Synonyms to make it to the end of a particularly arduous or stressful experience to assist someone in dealing with a traumatic event to ... Read on
get to know
get to know Meaning | Synonyms receiving the information picking up things well finding out new things about someone learning about something obtaining the data becoming familiar with ... Read on
green with envy
green with envy Meaning | Synonyms extremely jealous of another person to be unhappy about something upset because someone else has something that you do not have being ... Read on
get the wrong end of the stick
get the wrong end of the stickalso, get hold of the wrong end of the stick Meaning | Synonyms to understand something in the wrong way false interpretation ... Read on
good grief
good grief Meaning | Synonyms occurrence of something shocking things beyond our imaginations being surprised unexpected situation moment of amazement and frustration expression of astonishment Example Sentences Good ... Read on
sleep tight
good night, sleep tight Meaning | Synonyms an affectionate way of wishing someone a good night’s sleep sleep very well and deeply an adorable goodnight wish sleep well ... Read on
go with the flow
go with the flow also, go with the tide Meaning | Synonyms to do what other peopleĀ are doing in any particular situation be stress-free and adopt any situation, ... Read on
get goat
get someone’s goat Meaning irritate somebody annoy someone make someone feel very bad Example Sentences She got my goat the moment she said my mother was no good ... Read on
get off
get off Meaning to leave a place in order to start a journey to leave work, with permission to avoid punishment for something that was done to be ... Read on
give a shot
give a shot Meaning to have a try at something to try something that you are not familiar with make an attempt to give something your best shot ... Read on

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when it rains, it pours
when it rains, it pours also, it never rains but it pours Meaning to have a good or bad news enlarged by circumstances something good or bad occurring ... Read on


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