a dime a dozen

a dime a dozen


  • something very common and not having much value
  • something that is abundant, cheap and very common
  • something that is very common and not of much value
  • so plentiful as to be valueless
  • something that is easily acquired

Example Sentences

  1. Adventure and traveling based reality shows are now outdated and a dime a dozen.
  2. Websites on health and fitness are a dime a dozen nowadays, but not all of them are accurate and have correct information.
  3. Low paying jobs are a dime a dozen and anyone can get one if they try, but the high paying ones are not so easy to get and require proper and relevant skills.
  4. Coaching classes are a dime a dozen, but most of them are of low quality and do not deliver on their promise. The really good ones are far fewer.
  5. Cheap watches like this have flooded the market. You can get them a dime a dozen.
  6. Small time local music bands are a dime a dozen. Groups of youngsters form these bands dreaming of making it big someday.


The dime – is a ten-cent U.S. coin worth one tenth of a United States dollar. It was introduced in 1796. During the 1800s, this phrase was used in its literal meaning, referring to items that cost a dime for a dozen of those items. Since the early 1900s, the phrase has been used in its figurative sense, meaning something common and of less value.


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