stop by

stop by


  • to meet someone or go somewhere in a brief and informal manner
  • to be on a very short visit

Example Sentences

  1. The gardener stopped by the nursery to get some soil for his garden.
  2. I wanted to stop by the medical store to get some prescription drugs this afternoon but had already got late for work so I did not.
  3. You should stop by if you are passing through here sometime.
  4. My mother always stops by the children’s hospital to check if they need something that she can help with.
  5. She is a good friend and stops by at my place quite regularly.
  6. I have no time to stop by today, perhaps we can catch up tomorrow?
  7. Can you stop by the garage and check how the work on my car is coming along?
  8. I could stop by at your mother’s place if you want me to.
  9. She never even stopped by, how can you claim that she likes you?


The custom of stopping by is a new world phenomenon because people do not have time for more than a brief visit. The origin of the phrase is speculated to be from the 18th century though.

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