a penny saved is a penny earned

Meaning: This phrase advises people to be cautious of their money and have savings.

Example: Now that he has financial difficulties he will realize that a penny saved is as good as a penny earned. Read on

monkey business

Meaning: silly act

Example: I want to sleep. Stop disturbing me by your monkey business. Read on

at a discount

at a discount Meaning: – not valuable or not in worth – at a lower price than usual – below the nominal value – held in low esteem … Read on

dirt cheap

Meaning: very cheap

Example: Its quite a useful book, but luckily I could buy it dirt cheap at a junk shop. Read on

dog eat dog

Meaning: a very competitive world

Example: The only rule of the marketplace was dog-eat-dog. Read on

Jack of all trades

Meaning: someone who is competent at many things but does not excel at any of them

Example: I am very glad that my husband is a Jack of all trades; it saved us a lot of money when it came to renovating our house. Read on

easy come, easy go

Meaning: readily won and readily lost

Example: I won a lot of money at the casino last night but lost it on my way out. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Read on

mean business

Meaning: to be focused about achieving a goal

Example: She meant business when she said that she will take the number one position in the tennis world. Read on

big deal

Meaning: important thing

Example: Winning a scholarship is no big deal for him. Read on

tighten belt

Meaning: to save your money

Example: I have had to tighten my belt since I lost my job at the ice cream factory. Read on

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dig own grave

dig own grave Meaning: do something stupid that will seriously harm oneself, cause one’s own ruin or downfall. Example: If she continues to behave like this to her … Read on


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