dirt cheap

dirt cheap

Meaning | Synonyms

  • very cheap
  • almost free
  • at an extremely low cost
  • quite inexpensive

Example Sentences

  1. Its quite a useful book, but luckily I could buy it dirt cheap at a junk shop.
  2. Take few more of those water colors for painting they’re dirt cheap.
  3. In United Kingdom, the carrots are dirt cheap.
  4. Outsourcing sounds a great deal to earn money here in India, but for the people of western world it is dirt cheap.
  5. The SUV truck required a huge mechanical job work, but still it was dirt-cheap.
  6. I bought this welding machine dirt cheap but not working the way I want, a bad idea.
  7. Don’t buy these dirt cheap electronic equipment, they are useless.


1815–25, America.
Although the idea dates back to ancient times, the precise expression, literally meaning “as cheap as dirt,” replaced the now obsolete dog cheap. [Early 1800s]

Dirt Synonyms:
grime, filth, mud, dust, muck, soil, earth, clay.

Cheap Synonyms:
inexpensive, contemptible, despicable, low priced, economical, discounted, not expensive, shameful.


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