mean business


mean business


  • to be focused about achieving a goal
  • to take a serious action or intend to do something very seriously
  • in the very earnest way
  • usually used in terms of going against general opinion to achieve a goal

Example Sentences

  1. She meant business when she said that she will take the number one position in the tennis world.
  2. The fire in his eyes speak that he means business.
  3. He meant business when he called the police for the continuous noise that the neighbours had been making.
  4. The driver meant business when he claimed he could get us to our destination is one night.
  5. I meant business and have finally got the contract to the biggest deal of my life.
  6. She means business and has not come so far to run around in circles.
  7. Government offices in this place do not mean business, the people employed there are very lethargic.
  8. The baby means business when he sees his toys in someone else’s hands.
  9. The firmness with which the new government has initiated certain measure shows that it mean business.


The origination comes from the seriousness that entrepreneurs adopt when conducting their business and how important it is to achieve success. But the literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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