race against time

race against time


  • effort to do something as soon as possible
  • to be in a situation where the time is short and the task pending is not
  • to be running out of time, quickly
  • process of doing something before given time

Example Sentences

  1. The completion of this project was honestly a race against time. The client needed to have filed the documents in the court by today at any cost.
  2. Can you not make this sound like a race against time? Let her take it slowly please?
  3. My mother is racing against time right now. Please be by my side because I will need you around.
  4. Uncle Ben has been racing against time ever since he has found out about the terminal illness.
  5. The exam paper was a race against time and I won!
  6. He was speeding home as if it was a race against time.
  7. You cannot really race against time now, can you?
  8. The man raced against time to get his daughter to the hospital when she had that horrid accident.
  9. Although it was a race against the clock, I am happy to announce that our team has met the target set by the client.


The phrase is speculated to have originated in the old American English but there is no literary proof to support this claim.



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